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Registered Contractors

Lists of contractors who have registered with the City are regularly updated. The publication of these lists does not constitute a recommendation. Registered contractors meet requirements specified by City ordinance. Contact Council member Nancy Moore to request a copy of the Resident Referral List of contractors for the Sussex neighborhood.

Download lists of Contractors registered with the Building Department

For more information, contact the Building Department 216-491-1460. Financial and technical assistance programs are available to Shaker residents.

Registration Requirements (for specific details, see the Contractor Application for Certificate of Registration):

  • There is a $125 fee for general contractors and subcontractors per each trade.
  • Contractors may not have outstanding permits when applying for registration.
  • Contractors must provide evidence of liability insurance in which the City of Shaker Heights is named as an additional insured and certificate holder.
  • Contractors must provide evidence of current licenses held from governmental entities within Cuyahoga County or contiguous counties.
  • Some trades must submit evidence of State Licensing.
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