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Neighborhood Revitalization Department

The Neighborhood Revitalization Department is committed to strengthening the City’s tax base through encouraging reinvestment in neighborhoods and in homes. Its role is to ensure the long-term competitive position of the City’s housing stock using partnerships with the public and private sectors to leverage investment in the City.

Housing & Neighborhood Preservation

View the Housing and Neighborhood Plan.

The Department encourages quality renovations through the Shaker Renovator Program.

The City of Shaker Heights supports fair housing.

Green Building

The City is actively encouraging high performance building practices for new construction, renovations, and home improvements throughout the City. Housing initiatives include:

  • New demonstration homes, which incorporate green building techniques.
  • Citywide program to encourage energy efficient home improvements.

Go Green Initiative Goals:

  • Brand Shaker Heights as a city committed to environmentally friendly living, attracting both residents and businesses which share this commitment.
  • Encourage energy efficient upgrades to existing homes to drive down operating costs for homeowners, especially senior citizens and working families.
  • Encourage use of new high quality housing using green building materials and techniques to meet the demands of emerging markets in northeast Ohio.
  • Complement the traditional green landscape infrastructure associated with the City, with green interiors.
  • Encourage renovation of commercial buildings utilizing green building technology.
  • Pioneer the combination of green building and historic preservation standards in renovations.


  • Federal tax credits for energy efficiency improvements
  • Shaker supports sustainability
  • Green Building Legislation
  • Green Building Guidelines for demonstration homes
  • Green building in Greater Cleveland

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