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Animal Control

  • Does the city have a leash law?
  • How many dogs may I have?

Criminal Activity Nuisance Ordinance

  • What is a criminal activity nuisance?
  • What acts are considered violations under the criminal activity nuisance law?
  • May I appeal?
  • How are costs assessed and calculated?

Fair Housing

Utility Services for Residents and Small Businesses

  • Does the City have a natural gas aggregation program?
  • What is the current price?
  • How did IGS set that price?
  • Is it guaranteed to be the lowest rate available?
  • Can I cancel if I find a lower price?
  • Does the City have an electric aggregation program?


  • The neighbor's tree branches are hanging in my yard. Can I trim them?
  • What is the height a resident can allow grass to grow before it must be cut?

Law: General

  • Are there any laws against kids playing in the street?
  • Can I store a vehicle that needs repair in my driveway?
  • What are the ordinances regarding bicycle helmets and bicycle safety?
  • What are the ordinances regarding door-to-door solicitation?

Snow Policies

Sunday, February 25, 2018


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