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Registrations & Permits

Alarm businesses in the City are required by ordinance to apply to the Chief of Police for a license to operate in Shaker Heights. An application form must be completed and furnished to the Chief of Police. Alarm business licenses expire February 1 of each year. For a copy of the Codified Ordinance and Alarm application, please call the Crime Prevention Office at 216-491-1230 for more information.

Snow Plow Operators are required to secure a permit, issued by the Police Department, at the Watch Office window. Permits are effective October 15-April 15 only.

Bring a completed application, a $25 fee per vehicle, and a copy of the vehicle’s registration or title to the Shaker Heights Police Department to obtain a Snow Plow vehicle permit/sticker.

This process must be completed prior to plowing.

Operators may elect to have their names placed on the public list of Snow Plow Contractors. The list is provided to residents who request it, along with tips on how to choose a snow plow contractor. It is not an endorsement of the contractor. If a contractor is not listed on the Public List, residents may call the Police Watch Office at 216-491-1220 to check the complete list.

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