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Leaving the Car at Home

The City has been very proactive in developing non-motorized travel within Shaker. We were awarded an Honorable Mention as a Bicycle Friendly Community in May 2014 by the League of American Bicyclists and its Bicycle Friendly America program in recognition of recent efforts to actively support bicycling in Shaker.

We collaborated with Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) to develop a citywide Bike Route Plan. This plan, completed Summer 2008, identifies a network of on-road bike routes that connect major points of interest in the City, such as parks, schools, and shopping areas.

In 2012, the City surveyed residents about biking in Shaker. Most survey respondents are interested in improving conditions for cyclists in Shaker Heights. Read more

Sharrows and share-the-road signs were installed on South Park, South Woodland and Shaker Boulevard in 2013 and 2014.

The Warrensville/Van Aken Transit-Oriented Development Plan calls for improving that intersection to make it navigable by pedestrians and bicyclists in a safe and attractive manner. See the Van Aken District FAQ for additional information.

There are bicycle racks at convenient locations throughout Shaker including at City Hall, the Police Station, Thornton Park, Heinen's, most RTA stations and Horseshoe Lake Park. Additional bike racks are being installed by Bike Shaker throughout the city in summer 2014.

And while it's not a non-motorized means of travel, the RTA is a great alternative to driving an individual vehicle, and is one of the unique benefits of living in Shaker!

Eastside Greenway

Shaker Heights is participating in the Eastside Greenway project, which seeks to connect the east side of Cleveland with 14 other Greater Cleveland municipalities through a unified trail network that will link neighborhoods to employment centers, transit and existing green spaces.

Public meetings for this project will be held in September 2014, January 2015 and May 2015. Learn more.

Lake-to-Lakes Trail

We are working with the City of Cleveland, University Circle Inc., the City of Cleveland Heights and others to develop the Lake-to-Lakes Trail, a multi-purpose trail along the north side of Fairhill Road that connects the Shaker Lakes and Lake Erie (and ultimately, the Towpath Trail along the Ohio and Erie Canal). The Cleveland section is complete.

The project is funded with federal and state grant funds from NOACA and ODNR; the 20% local share will be paid for by Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights. The estimated total cost is $680,000.

The Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights section is currently in design, and a public meeting was held on June 16, 2014. View the meeting materials:

A second public meeting was held on August 27, 2014. View the meeting materials:

A third meeting was held in conjunction with the City Planning Commission meeting on October 7, 2014. View the meeting materials:

Lake-to-Lakes Trail: Project Update 8-27-14

Federal grant funds are paying for the majority of the project; this requires the City to follow federal construction standards and processes, as administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The design engineering schedule below reflects these requirements.

Check     May 15  Ecological assessment prepared 
Check     June 16 Public input meeting #1
Check     July 11 Stage 1-2 submittal to ODOT
Check     August 27 Public input meeting #2
Check     Late Aug Receive comments from ODOT
Check      October 7 Public input meeting #3, in conjunction with City Planning Commission meeting
      Mid October Stage 3 submittal (detailed design engineering plans) to ODOT
      Mid October Stage 3 submittal (detailed design engineering plans) to ODNR
      Late November Receive comments from ODOT
      Winter date TBD Public input meeting #4, in conjunction with City Council Meeting
      Early January Final construction package submittal (engineering plans & specifications) to ODOT
      Early March Sale date (bids open)
      Late March Award date (bids awarded)
      Spring 2015 Construction begins

Stage 1-2 plans were submitted to ODOT on July 11. Before moving to the next phase of design engineering drawings, we must wait for ODOT comments. We expect to receive comments regarding the following engineering elements:  

  • General alignment, including the section over the Fairhill bridge
  • Geometry and cross sections
  • Drainage
  • Crosswalks
  • Connections to Cleveland and Cleveland Heights sections, including the proposed RRFB system

Design details and adjustments based on ODOT comments and public comments, including the HAWK signal request, will be addressed in the next phase of design engineering drawings. This phase will not be started until late August/early September. The Stage 3 drawings are due to ODOT in mid-October.

One concern identified at the June 16 meeting was crossing Fairhill at East 127 to connect to the Cleveland section. There is no traffic signal at this intersection, and the existing traffic levels do not warrant the installation of one. Based on this concern, the project engineering consultant, city engineers and city planners for Shaker Heights and Cleveland, and Shaker Police reviewed options for the pedestrian crossing at East 127. A summary matrix of the options was prepared.

Per the Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a HAWK (High-intensity Activated CrosswalK) beacon is not recommended, based on the existing traffic volumes and estimated trail usage.

Based on the lower traffic volumes and the presence of a refuge median, the recommendation included in the Stage 1-2 drawings is an RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon, a pedestrian-activated high intensity flasher) system at the intersection. Trail users that wish to cross Fairhill at a signalized intersection may do so at two nearby intersections at Kenyon and at East 124.


Children under the age of 14 are required to ride their bike on the sidewalk. Persons 14 years of age and older may operate a bicycle on the roadways. Every person operating a bicycle upon a sidewalk shall yield the right of way to all pedestrians.

All cyclists must obtain an annual bicycle license from the Police Department. Bike helmets are required for all riders over the age of 5 and may be purchased from the Health Department.

Where to Walk and Ride

Everywhere!—Approximately 200 miles of sidewalks and neighborhood streets with low speed limits provide numerous opportunities for all skill levels

Shaker Median Trail—1.5 mile paved trail runs along the south side of the Shaker Boulevard median between Warrensville and Sulgrave; includes benches, doggie waste bags, garbage cans, and mileage markers. ADA accessible. Connects to 1.5 miles of paved trails in Beachwood and Pepper Pike.

Horseshoe Lake Park Trail—trails in and around Horseshoe Lake Park total 1.3 miles. A combination of paved, gravel and boardwalk trails are located at the center of the park. Central paved path provides ADA access from parking area to picnic pavilions, natural playground, tree house, restrooms and rain garden. A paved trail leads from the center of the park, along South Park Boulevard and over the dam; this trail connects with the 1.4 mile Cleveland Heights trail along North Park Boulevard.

Library Loop Path—0.5 mile paved loop path travels around the Main Library, Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building, Sunrise Assisted Living and Around the World Playground; includes mileage markers.

Thornton Park Loop Path—0.25 mile packed gravel trail loops around the swimming pool and playground.

Southerly Park Fitness Trail—includes 17 fitness stations.

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