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Block Parties

Summer in Shaker is Block Party time! It is important for the Fire Department to be aware of closed-off streets. You must register your party at least two weeks in advance for your street to be closed.

Important Information for Block Party Planners

A variety of services is available:

  • special brush pick-up/street cleaning prior to the event,
  • delivery of barricades to block the street,
  • a police car or fire truck for youngsters to see up close,
  • a visit from the Mayor and Council members.

It may be necessary to secure a permit for tents from the Fire Department;
The City does not have tables/chairs for loan or rent;
The City is not able to deliver equipment (except for barricades) to block parties or association gatherings;
Due to safety issues concerning police and fire routes through the city streets, all block parties must be registered with the City.
Register a block party.

For more information contact the Recreation Department at 216-491-1290.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

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