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Deer Task Force Seeks Input from Residents on Local Deer

Dateline: September 28, 2015 – Mayor Earl Leiken’s Deer Task Force encourages residents to share their observations of and damage from the local deer population through two online tools: a Deer Survey and a Deer Incident/Damage Report. The survey will enable the Deer Task Force to collect data on how frequently residents see deer in their neighborhoods, what concerns residents have regarding deer, and whether deer have damaged property and/or landscaping. Residents whose property has been damaged may complete the incident report to share photos and detail the extent of any damage.

Mayor Leiken formed the Deer Task Force this year, following his collaboration with Eastside Wildlife Management Partnership (EWMP), a group of eight east side municipalities formed to evaluate deer populations in the contiguous areas. The EWMP paid for an aerial infrared deer survey, which showed the heaviest deer concentrations in the eastern portion of the area surveyed – Pepper Pike had 37 deer per square mile, while Shaker had nine deer per square mile. Each community in the EWMP will determine its own course of action to manage deer populations, but will share information, data, and compare experiences.

Information from the survey and reports will be combined with the aerial infrared survey to better document the deer problem in Shaker. The Task Force will prepare a final report to present to City Council before the end of this year. 

Take the Deer Survey or file a Deer Incident/Damage Report online. Visit Deer Population and Property Damage for more information on the Task Force and local deer.

Monday, June 18, 2018


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