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Process Canine Takes Top Prize in Win-Win Business Challenge

Dog training, boarding, and day-care business owner wins $20K to open business in Chagrin-Lee

Dateline: November 11, 2015 – Process Canine owner Amanda Graeter won the Win-Win Business Challenge, a small business education program and grant competition presented by the City of Shaker Heights, Huntington Bank, and the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI). Graeter earned a $20,000 grant – $10,000 from the City and $10,000 from Huntington Bank – to relocate her home-based dog training, boarding, and dog day-care business to the Chagrin-Lee area of Shaker Heights. Graeter can use the grant for capital improvements and for the purchase of business equipment.

The Win-Win Business Challenge began in July to encourage entrepreneurs to locate their businesses along Chagrin Boulevard and Lee Road in Shaker’s Moreland district. Contest participants were required to formulate a business pitch and attend a four-week Small Enterprise Development training course, sponsored by ECDI. A review committee selected Graeter and six other finalists to present their three-minute pitches on November 5 at Shaker LaunchHouse in Shaker Heights.

Today, Graeter’s business has grown from a dog-walking, boarding, and training business to her current model – she offers clients daily pick-up and drop-off service to bring dogs to her house for day care, training, and boarding. Graeter saw an opportunity to expand Process Canine with the Win-Win Business Challenge. “Locating my business in the Chagrin-Lee area would benefit other businesses, too – the bank, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, and local restaurants,” Graeter told the review committee during her presentation. “My clients want to be able to run other errands as they’re picking up and dropping off their dogs. They can do all these things here.” Graeter hasn’t made an official selection on her location, but she’s seeking a 4,000-square-foot space for ample room to board and train dogs.

Process Canine will be a terrific addition to the Chagrin-Lee area,” said Katharyne Starinsky, economic development specialist with the City of Shaker Heights. “Amanda is energetic and focused. She’s an ideal ambassador to get other businesses interested in investing in the area. We are working with some of the other competitors to locate their businesses in the district as well.”

Additional finalists in the Win-Win Business Competition included:

  • Accessible Arrangements & Event Planning – an accessibility service for event hosts that provides accommodations for guests who have sensory or mobility impairments.
  • Bleu Brix – a gathering spot for wine enthusiasts to drink, eat, and make their own wine from locally harvested grapes.
  • Nedrad, Dorothy and Darden LLC – an aquaponics company growing vegetables and producing/feeding fish in a closed system.
  • Prelude2Cinema LLC – a sponsor-based revenue model enabling local companies (manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, etc.) to invest in the production of a locally shot film.
  • Shaker Village Workshop – a four-part community of artist studio space (including communal resources such as a 3D printer, welding equipment, and kilns), gallery, café, and dog park designed to build a warm, accessible community within the Chagrin-Lee area.

For more information on the Win-Win Business Challenge or Process Canine, contact Katharyne Starinsky, 216-491-1335, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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