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2016 Street Resurfacing

Start Date: Mid-April
Improvement Project: 2016 Street Resurfacing

Residents will be notified before work begins by the project contractor Ronyak Paving.

On-street parking between 7am and 6pm will be prohibited. To avoid delays that could prolong completion of the project, please do not blow leaves or other debris into the street. Advise landscapers of this request.

The following streets are scheduled for resurfacing:

Phase 1 (mid-April to mid-May)
Laureldale (Lyman Circle to Fairmount)
Lyman (Fairmount to Lyman Circle)
Washington (Fairmount to City boundary north)
Milton (Fairmount to Shelburne)
Calverton (Douglas to Fairmount)
Landon (Green to Shelburne)
Inverness (Shaker to Shelburne)
Ashley (Shelburne to Claythorne)
Claythorne (Ashley to Fairmount)
University (Colby to Shelburne)
Byron East (Shaker to E. Belvoir Oval)
Westchester (Byron to E. Belvoir)
Glenmore (Byron to Rye)
W. Sulgrave Oval (Shaker to S. Woodland)

Phase 2 (late April to late May)
Belvoir (S. Woodland south to City limit)
Somerset (Warrensville to Almar)
Almar (Warrensville to Belvoir)
Kingsley (Marchmont to Montgomery)
Malvern (Montgomery to Falmouth)
Carlton (Manchester to S. Woodland)
Manchester (S. Woodland to Shaker)
Oxford (Eaton to Manchester)
Claremont (Eaton to S. Woodland)
Glengary (S. Woodland to Shaker)
Winthrop (Shaker to S. Woodland)
Park (S. Park to park entrance)
Eaton (S. Park past culvert to the north)
Eaton (Fairmount to northern city limit)
Ashurst (Fairmount to City boundary north)

Phase 3 (early May to early June)
Southington (S. Woodland to Warrington)
Elsmere (Daleford to Fernway)
Enderby (Fernway to Clayton)
Lindholm (Scottsdale to Lomond)
Palmerston (Scottsdale to Winslow)
Reidham (Scottsdale to Kenyon)
Lover's Lane (S. Park to bridge)
Onaway (Van Aken to Warrington)
Parkland (Ashford to Lee)

Phase 4 (early June to late June)
Van Aken (West of Lee)

The scope of work consists of:

  1. Milling and placement of asphalt surface
  2. Installing curb ramps (Americans with Disabilities)
  3. Adjust catch basins and manholes
  4. Curb and apron work
  5. Install surface course and striping along with any necessary restoration work.

Completion of the project is anticipated late June, weather permitting.

Updated: April 22, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016