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Thanks to your input (and patience) and careful listening by the District’s developer, RMS, we’re closer than ever to realizing our future. Scroll down to see architect renderings, six videos, and the players so far.


The (First) Big Finish

Finally. We've all made it through the roadwork and traffic delays.
Time to celebrate the beauty of the four-point intersection.

The Vision

We began with this vision in 2013.

The Construction

Crews broke ground on the roads in 2014 and began paving the way to our future.

The Stakeholders

Stakeholders tell us what they hope to see next.

The Near Future

It’s coming together. Time to see yourself in the Van Aken District.


The Players So Far

Read more about who's coming to the Van Aken District.

Shinola and Food Hall image


Shinola picks the Van Aken District for its first Ohio store. Read the article. 




mitchells storefront

Cleveland-based Mitchell's Ice Cream will open a shop in the Van Aken District.



  RisingStar Logo Black

Enjoy a morning pourover in the Van Aken District Food Hall at Rising Star. Your cup is always brewed just for you.



luna logo


Luna Bakery Cafe, famous for sweet treats and savory bites, will open a new concept at the Van Aken District's Food Hall.



Get the City's backstory on the Van Aken District — from community meetings, to planning, to roadwork.

Stay up-to-date on news about the Van Aken District from its developer, RMS Corporation.


Thursday, December 8, 2016