Mission Statement

Protecting and enhancing the health and diversity of our urban forest to ensure the economic, environmental, and social benefits for future generations. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program involving planting, pruning, pest and disease control, removals and tree inventory.

Helpful Resources

  • Limb /tree on a wire - CEI Phone: 800-589-3101
  • The smell of gas in yard, sidewalk, or street areas - Dominion Gas Company Phone: 877-542-2630
  • Forestry Superintendent and City arborist Charles Orlowski - Phone: 216-491-1490 or email Charles Orlowski in the following situations:
    • Hazardous tree on tree lawn or public property
    • Traffic sign hidden by tree
    • Sidewalk clearance obstructed by tree
    • Investigate diseased tree or insect found on tree
    • Car accident that injures tree to determine assessment of value of the tree for insurance reimbursement to the city or private land owner