Policies & Ordinances



Public Property

Ordinances pertaining to trees on public grounds and tree lawns. 

Note: The City's codified ordinances are located online. For additional information, search by the ordinance numbers listed with each bulleted item.

  • Duties of Superintendent of Parks and Forestry shall be to have charge of the maintenance of parks and public grounds within the City and also of trees and shrubbery upon the public streets of the City. (Search for ordinances 98 to 188. Enacted December 21, 1998.)
  • Destruction or injury of trees and shrubs on public land or another's private land is unlawful. (Search for ordinance 747.01.)
  • Pruning, fertilizing, spraying, attaching rope, wire, or sign to public land trees or shrubs is unlawful. (Search for ordinance 747.01.)

Private Property

Ordinances pertaining to trees on private property.

  • Nuisances in connection with trees of residents - such as infestation that could spread, a fallen tree or one that is likely to fall on public or private property, branches that obstruct traffic on a street public place or sidewalk. (Search for ordinance 747.02.)
  • Diseased or dead elm trees must be removed. (Search for ordinance 747.06 and 747.07.)