Building Plan Review Process

Drop-Off Location

City Hall, Building & Housing Department, 3400 Lee Road.

Application for Plan Approval

A completed application (PDF) with drawings is required.


No payment is due at the time of submission. You will be required to pay your plan review fees when your permits are issued.

Note: Plan review fees are the actual costs charged by the City's commercial plans examiner consultant.

Number of Sets

Find out how many sets of your plans you are required to submit. All sets must be dropped off at the Building Department and will be routed accordingly (Fire, Plans Examiner, etc.).

Response Time

Reviews can take up to 30 days, though we strive to turn around small submissions in 10 business days. If we do not approve your plans the first time, you will be required to re-submit them. In general, we recommend design teams get their plans in as early as possible to accommodate necessary re-submissions.

Review Status

Check the status of your plan review. Find out more about how to use the log.