Permits Required

Permits are required for your project. No work may start until permits are issued, even if you have submitted your plans.

If you intend to make changes to your plan after your permits have been issued, you must submit your revised plans for another round of review and approval. These rules are strictly enforced. Any work performed without the proper permit is subject to a penalty of double the permit fee.

Permit Applications

View permit applications.


Refer to the fee schedule (PDF) to calculate your payment. All tenant fit outs for the Van Aken District are considered "New Construction." Please add state tax of 3% to your fee total. As noted, you will also be expected to pay the costs of your plan review when your permits are issued.

If you need help calculating fees, please contact the Building and Housing Department at 216-491-1461.

Approved Plans

When your permits are issued, you will also get a set of approved plans. Please keep these plans on site for inspectors to reference.

Operational Permits

You may be required to obtain an operational permit from the Shaker Heights Fire Department. Examples of locations requiring an operational permit include places of assembly, locations with open flames (including candles), and the use of flammable liquids. 

For More Information

Please contact Assistant Fire Chief Wayne Johnson to determine whether you will need an operational license. Email Chief Johnson or call at 216-491-1205.