Contractor Parking

The following is a list of places that contractors can and cannot park in Shaker Heights in construction zones.

Do Park:

  • Street parking on adjacent streets
  • First row of parking spots next to the Rapid tracks in Shaker Plaza
  • Municipal Farnsleigh Road parking lot. (Note: most of this lot is controlled by Marous Brothers. One row is available to the public and/or other non-Marous Brothers contractors.)
  • Thornton Park. Two lots are available; one lot is accessible from Warrensville Center Road, and the other is accessible from Farnsleigh Road
  • As directed by RMS and Turner Construction (temporary parking may become available)

Do Not Park:

  • Any row other than the first row next to the Rapid tracks in Shaker Plaza
  • Ohio Savings or Key Bank
  • Any other private property