New Residents

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to live in Shaker Heights. We’ll do our best to make you feel welcome and to learn your way around. Please take a moment to help us understand why you picked Shaker Heights for your new home..

Review these resources to get better acquainted with Shaker:

  • About—Read a quick overview of Shaker Heights.
  • A-Z Guide to Living in the City — View our one-stop guide to life in our community.
  • Calendar — Find out what's happening in Shaker.
  • City Services — Access our directory of our most used services, including refuse and recycling collection.
  • Recreation — Learn more about the City's parks and recreation amenities.
  • Shaker Life — Read current and back issues of our award-winning quarterly magazine.
  • Stay Connected — Sign up to receive City News or the Mayor's Report and follow us on social media.
  • Community — Connect with your new neighbors on social media and in neighborhood organizations.
  • Video — Watch videos about our community.