Codified Ordinances

Codified ordinances are hosted electronically by Walter H. Drane Company and published by Conway Greene, which are publishing services and law publishing houses.

Codified Ordinances (complete through December 17, 2018)

Codified Ordinances Enacted After December 17, 2018

  • Ordinance 19-14, enacted February 11, 2019, effective March 13, 2019: Amending existing or enacting new Sections 547.01 through 547.08 of the Business Regulation Code, amending Sections 901.02, 901.04, 901.07 and 901.08 of the Fire Code, and amending Section 1303.01 of the Building Code, of the Codified Ordinances, relative to the licensing of contractors, and the regulation of Hot Work by contractors under the Fire and Building Codes of the City.
  • Ordinance 19-15, enacted February 11, 2019, effective March 13, 2019: Amending Sections 115.05, 115.06, and 115.07 of the Administrative Code of the Codified Ordinances relative to public notification of meetings of public bodies.
  • Ordinance 19-54, enacted May 28, 2019, effective May 29, 2019: Amending Section 141.22 of the Administrative Code of the Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances relative to Thornton Park Ice Rink Fees.