Housing Rental License (Certificate of Occupancy)

Residential rental property owners (landlords) are required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy every year. The completed Certificate of Occupancy application must list all occupants, provide contact information for the owner and tenants, and be accompanied by an application fee which varies by property type.

To Apply

  • Download the correct Certificate of Occupancy Application for your property. (View all forms.)
  • Submit your completed application and the required fee to the Shaker Heights Building & Housing Department (3450 Lee Rd.). Credit card, check, and cash payment accepted. Incomplete applications will be returned/rejected.

Learn More About the Housing Rental License

The fees for the Certificate of Occupancy permit are:

  • Single-family rentals: $200
  • Two-family rentals: $100 per unit
  • Condominium rentals: $100
  • Apartments: $45 per unit

Late fees are imposed after February 1 for single-family, two-family and condominiums, and after March 1 for apartments.

Please note:

  • Rental properties are inspected every three years. Learn more.
  • Rental property owners residing outside Cuyahoga County must designate a local agent and complete a Designation of Agent form in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • For vacant rental units, property owners must complete the Certificate of Occupancy Exemption Form. If an exempted unit is rented, the property owner must complete the Certificate of Occupancy within 30 days.