Report a Concern

Missed garbage pick-up? Traffic issues? Here's how to get help with common concerns.

Concern Get Help

Animal issues

Call 216-491-1490; after hours, 216-491-1499 or read more at Animal Control
Tall Grass Email Public Works. Include property address.

Trash, including missed pick up

Report a Problem with Collection Service

Recycling, including bucket requests

Email Public Works or read more at Recycling


Call 216-491-1490; 216-491-1499 (after hours)

Trees (nuisance trees, fallen limbs, etc.)

Email Public Works or read more at Forestry


Email Public Works 

Street Light Outage

Report online or call 216-491-1234

Traffic Concerns

Report online
Traffic Signal or Street Sign Problem Report online

Yard Waste

Email Public Works or read more at Leaves, Grass & Brush

Recreation registration

Email Recreation or call 216-491-1290.

Please note: Some of the above concerns are handled through RequestTracker, which is an online request application being piloted by the City. The number and types of concerns we will accept through Request Tracker will grow in the coming months.