Public Meetings

Public meetings are a great way to keep up with the work of the City. Here's what you need to know:

Public Meetings Calendar

Published monthly, the sunshine calendar includes all public meetings held by the City of Shaker Heights. Subscribe to receive the Public Meetings calendar in your email inbox each month or view upcoming meetings below.

Agendas, Minutes & Meeting Recordings

The City provides agendas for every meeting on the sunshine calendar a few days before the meeting. Agendas also contain relevant documents for the meeting and Zoom links. To find agendas, visit Agenda Center and scroll down to find the meeting you are interested in. Note: You can also find minutes for public meetings and links to meeting recordings in the Agenda Center.

Attend a Public Meeting

The City is currently using a hybrid approach for meetings. Some meetings are in-person, while others are only virtual. Check the meeting's agenda for details.

Please note that City Council's two monthly in-person meetings are also livestreamed on the City's livestream page.

Upcoming Public Meetings