Construction Zone

Learn about construction projects impacting public infrastructure (e. g. streets, sewers, etc.) and City facilities.

View the 2022 Shaker Heights Construction Map (PDF)

ADVISORY: This October, you may notice a blue helicopter flying, hovering or circling over the City.  The Illuminating Company is conducting routine transmission line patrols with the help of Chesapeake Bay Helicopters. An onboard inspector will be looking for any threats to the reliability of the transmission lines.


Chagrin Boulevard Resurfacing Project (Updated 9/7/22)

Southern Moreland Traffic Calming & Scottsdale Boulevard Resurfacing (Posted 9/19/22)

Gas, Water & Sewer

Gas Main Replacement: S. Woodland Road (Posted 10/4/2022)

Water Main Replacement: Warrington Road (Updated 9/27/22)

Sewer Project: Northeast Quadrant (Mercer Neighborhood) (Updated 9/27/22)

Lomond-Lynnfield Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO); construction starts in 2023. (Learn more.)

Doan Brook Restoration

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Construction Projects

Van Aken District Phase 2: Farnleigh Apartments

HarborChase Senior Living on Van Aken Blvd.

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