Construction Zone

Learn about construction projects impacting public infrastructure (e. g. streets, sewers, etc.) and City facilities. 


Warrensville Center Rd. Resurfacing & Shaker Blvd. Intersection Improvements (Posted 4/28/21)

2021 Street Resurfacing Program (Posted 3/23/21)

Chagrin Blvd. & Lynnfield Rd. Intersection Improvements (Posted 1/21/21)

Gas, Water & Sewer Improvements

Water Main Replacement: Aldersyde Rd. (Posted 5/20/21)

Gas Main Replacement: Warrensville Center Rd. (Posted 6/16/21)

Gas Main Replacement: Lomond Neighborhood (Posted 5/5/21)

Gas Main Replacement: Moreland Neighborhood (Posted 11/16/20)

Sewer Project: Brantley Rd. & Claythorne Rd. (Posted 6/7/21)

Sewer Project: Northeast Quadrant (Mercer Neighborhood) (Updated 3/2/20)

Lomond-Lynnfield Sanitary Sewer Overflow: This project is currently in the design phase. (Posted 3/30/21)

Shaker Lakes Dams Project

Lower Lake Spillway Repair (Updated 3/16/21)

Horseshoe Lake: NEORSD and ODNR Working on Design (Posted 8/31/20)

Learn More: Watch the Sept. 18 Mayor's Report for an update on HSL; listen to the Hey, Shaker! podcast with Jeff Jowett of the NEORSD.


First Energy Electric Line Clearance Work (Updated 12/21/20)