Construction Zone

Learn about construction projects impacting public infrastructure (e. g. streets, sewers, etc.) and City facilities and some larger commercial construction projects. 


Chagrin Boulevard Resurfacing Project (Updated 12/28/22)

Southern Moreland Traffic Calming & Scottsdale Boulevard Resurfacing (Updated 12/28/22) 

Gas, Water & Sewer

Gas Main Replacement: S. Woodland Road (Updated 2/2/2023)

Sewer Project: Northeast Quadrant (Mercer Neighborhood) (Updated 9/27/22)

Lomond-Lynnfield Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO); construction starts in 2023. (Learn more.)

Doan Brook Restoration

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Commercial Construction

Van Aken District Phase 2: Farnleigh Apartments

HarborChase Senior Living on Van Aken Blvd.

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