New residents are drawn in by the beauty of Shaker Heights — our lush parklands and stunning architecture — but it is the closeness of the community that makes them stay ... often for a lifetime. This intangible element can be hard to convey to newcomers. We know that. So, we made some videos that look beyond just the physical beauty of this City to share just some of what makes it a community. This is what makes Shaker special.

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Learn more about the Shaker Heights community in these video vignettes of the people, places and events that make our community special.

Live, Work & Play in Shaker

Matt Wright and Crystal Jones, owners of MWW1 Engineering & Prototyping Services at 3620 Lee Rd., recently moved their business and their family to Shaker Heights. Spend some time with Crystal and Matt to learn why they selected Shaker Heights and how they enjoy spending time in our community.

Sustainability in Shaker

The City of Shaker Heights is committed to helping residents live a more sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about three ways its achieving this goal: electric vehicle charging stations, residential solar panels and composting services.

High-Quality Education — The Shaker Schools

The Shaker Heights School District is one of eight IB public school districts across North America to be recognized as a PreK-12 grade International Baccalaureate Continuum District.

Vibrant Community — The Van Aken District

The new Van Aken District was inspired by a love for Shaker Heights and a love for this community.

Cherished Traditions — Memorial Day Parade

In the City of Shaker Heights, Memorial Day brings together residents who march in the parade and cheer from the sidelines in a joyful celebration of what Shaker Heights is: connected, diverse, and supportive.

Robust City Services — Recreation

The Shaker Heights Recreation Department is committed to building community through programs that focus on the benefits of recreation and by forging relationships with residents.

Connected Community — International Women’s Group of Cleveland

The International Women’s Group of Cleveland gathers every month for friendship and cultural outings.

Connected Community — S.A.M.S.

Shaker African American Mothers Support (S.A.M.S.) is a group guided by their motto: Together is better. The Hildana Park Celebration was just one shining example of their efforts.

Locally Owned Businesses — GrooveRyde

When Zosimo and Anjua Maximo were ready to move out of Los Angeles, they heard that Shaker Heights was the place for their growing family. As soon as they moved here, they realized that was true.

Locally Owned Businesses — Abide Yoga

Nestled in the unique Larchmere shopping district is Abide Yoga, a home away from home for many yoga students and teachers alike.

Locally Owned Businesses — Shaker Rocks

In 2019, longtime residents the Richman family opened Shaker Rocks, a space for people to come together to discover and share a love of climbing.

Arts & Culture — Verb Ballets

You’ll find the spirited dancers of Verb Ballets proudly housed in The Dealership— a co-working space found in Shaker Heights.

Robust City Services — Dedicated City Employees

Meet Chuck Bates, SHFD’s Mechanic. Chuck is devoted to ensuring that all trucks, equipment, and tools are in peak working condition, regardless of age.