Modernizing a Historic City

Originally built more than 100 years ago, Shaker Heights retains much of the character -- for example, our lush parklands and stunning architecture -- of an earlier era. But just as our residents strive to care for and modernize their historic homes, so must we do for the infrastructure of the City. This series of articles shows just some of the ways the City is tackling the challenge of making sure Shaker Heights is ready for the next century.

VAD Public Realm Site Plan

Van Aken District: Transit Station Upgrades

Read about upgrades to the Van Aken District's "public realm," including a new public park.

Graphic depiction of sewer system, both private and public, in Shaker Heights

Sewers: Maintaining a Critical Infrastructure

Learn how the City’s public storm and sanitary sewers work and how the City is working to maintain the system.


21st Century Fire Protection

Thanks to a decade long effort, the Shaker Heights Fire Department now boasts among the most modern fleets — and equipment — in the region.


Paving the Way to the Future

Roadwork. It’s inconvenient. It’s loud. It’s messy – and, of course, it’s the only way to maintain the City’s 200-plus miles of streets.

City staff member conducting a remote video inspection

Leveraging Technology to Get the Job Done

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the City's Department of Building & Housing rolled out a remote video inspection system in a matter of weeks. Today, it's a permanent program.