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The City of Shaker Heights is committed to helping our business community as so many of you are experiencing substantial economic injury as a result of COVID-19. The City will continue to send updates via direct email communication to all businesses to relay relevant information about the coronavirus outbreak that is unique to businesses.

State of Ohio Mask Mandate

Effective at 12:01 am on Monday, November 16, 2020, the Ohio Department of Health has ordered stores and businesses open to the public to require masks, ensure compliance with mask-wearing, and more. Some material provisions of the Order are outlined below. Please be sure to read and comply with the full text of the Order.

  • Mask Requirement—All persons are required to wear a facial covering at all times they are in or on the premises of a business open to the public.
  • Post Signage—Each store must post clearly visible signage at all entrances requiring all persons to wear a facial covering (find printable resources here).
  • Responsibility—Retailers must ensure compliance with mask-wearing.
  • Physical Distancing and Hygiene—Each retailer must:
    • Post at all entrances and enforce a maximum capacity limitation.
    • Limit and stagger the number of persons in the premises to assure a minimum of six feet of physical separation.  
    • Mark six foot separation spots in all check-out lines.
    • Arrange for one-way aisles if required for appropriate distancing.
    • Place hand sanitizers in high contact locations.
    • Require regular hand washing by employees.
    • Require employees to stay home if symptomatic.
    • Disinfect high touch items after each use.
  • Reasonable Accommodation—Provide reasonable accommodation to any person who is unable to wear a mask by (a) providing online or telephone ordering and curbside, non-contact pick up or delivery option; and/or (b) allowing a person to wear a full face shield that extends below the chin. Post the details of such accommodations at each entrance.
  • Designate a Compliance Officer—Each business shall designate an on-site compliance officer during all business hours whose responsibility is to ensure compliance with this Order.
  • Violations—A first violation will result in a warning and a second violation will result in closure of the store for up to 24 hours.

Here are printable signs that fulfill notice posting requirements:

Face Coverings - Signage 1
Face Coverings - Signage 2
Face Coverings - Signage 3
Face Coverings - Signage 4
Face Coverings - Signage 5
Face Coverings - Signage 6

Please be sure to read and comply with the full text of the new mask Order.

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