Food Assistance

Other Food Resources in Shaker Heights

Little Free Pantries

Open 24/7 in the following locations:

  • Heights Christian Church (17300 Van Aken Blvd.): Located behind the church, off Winslow Rd.
  • Christ Episcopal Church (3445 Warrensville Center Rd.): Also behind the church.

Shaker Schools

Sign up for breakfast and lunch from the Shaker Schools (anonymous and open to all students):

Other Local Food Resources

Free Lunches for Kids Ages 1-18

The Green Inspiration Academy, a charter school at 4265 Northfield Rd. (across from Warrensvile Heights High School) is offering free lunches for children 18 and under. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 10 am-12 pm. Pull around to the back of the building and a staff member will deliver to your car.

Food Banks

Find additional local food distribution sites:

View a PDF of Food Resources Near Shaker.

Meal Delivery

Learn how seniors can have meals delivered to their home: