Response to Threats Policy (Use of Force/Force continuum)

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Effective Date of Amended Policy: January 24, 2020

Review: Annually

 This policy has been reviewed and approved by CALEA. It has also been reviewed and approved by the Ohio Collaborative, a review board of law enforcement experts and community leaders from throughout the state, who established state standards in 2015 regarding the use of deadly force. 

Purpose: The Response to Threats Policy establishes guidelines for police officers in the Shaker Heights Police Department to follow when responding to a known or perceived threat in furtherance of their sworn duties.

Policy: Officers will only use reasonable force to accomplish lawful objectives. All response to threats by SHPD officers, which are found to be reasonable, shall be considered within policy, whether or not the specific response/action is addressed in this policy.

Training: Annually, SHPD personnel who are authorized to carry Department issued weapons, shall be trained and tested on the Department’s Response to Threat policy and demonstrate proficiency with any departmentally approved weapons.

Annual Review: Every year, the SHPD Training Unit will conduct an analysis of Response to Threat activities, policies and practices and submit findings to the Chief of Police. The analysis includes review of assaults on Police Officers and identifies:

  • Date and time of incidents;
  • Types of encounters resulting in use of force;
  • Trends or patterns related to race, age and gender of subjects involved;
  • Trends or patterns resulting in injury to any person, including employees;
  • Impact of findings on policies, practices, equipment and training.