Bias Free Policing Policy

View a PDF of the Bias Free Policing Policy.

Effective Date of Amended Policy: June 10, 2020

Review: Annually


  • To reaffirm the Racial Profiling Statement issued by the City of Shaker Heights and the Shaker Heights Police Department (SHPD);
  • To clarify the circumstances in which race may be used as a factor to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause;
  • To reinforce procedures that serve to assure the public that SHPD is providing service and enforcing laws in a fair and equitable manner. 

Policy: To expressly prohibit practices and prevent bias in law enforcement activities while reinforcing the Shaker Heights Police Department’s commitment to unbiased policing.


  • All officers receive initial and annual training in bias-free profiling concerns and best practices, including legislative updates and case law, to ensure that the constitutional requirements for conducting searches and seizures are met.
  • Training related to conducting constitutional law enforcement investigations shall be held annually, or at intervals recommended after the Annual Administrative Review and adopted by the Chief of Police.
  • Training may include classroom training (in-service or outside agency), roll call training or handout materials for officers’ review.

Annual Review:

  • The Internal Affairs Unit shall conduct an administrative review of agency practices, citizen concerns and corrective measures taken.
  • The report shall be submitted in writing to the Chief of Police and include a description of the review, findings and recommendations.

Racial Profiling Statement

The City of Shaker Heights and the Shaker Heights Police Department unequivocally reject and denounce the practice of racial profiling.

Our unwavering commitment to each and every citizen of Shaker Heights and to our officers is that we will not engage in any form of racial profiling. This commitment assists the SHPD in forming positive relationships with the community. It builds trust and public cooperation which promotes collaborative problem solving, increases public confidence in overall police activity and enhances the legitimacy of SHPD within the community.