Recruitment & Hiring Plan

Effective Date: November 1, 2017

Review: Annually

The Shaker Heights Police Department believes that the demographics of the police department should reflect the community. As stated in the policy, this is a priority for the department and the Civil Service Commission, which oversees the hiring and promotion process. 

Recruitment Plan


  • To maintain actual sworn officer strength as close as possible to authorized budgeted strength by having an eligible list of applicants.
  • To actively recruit the best available candidates for actual and forecasted vacancies in the department.
  • To actively recruit women and minority candidates who are underrepresented in the department.
  • To actively represent the department as an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Highlights of Recruiting and Hiring Process:

  • Police hiring and promotion is handled by a diverse, three-person Civil Service Commission appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.
  • In 2017, the City implemented a new candidate testing and ranking procedure that reflects current research showing that this process is proven to have a less adverse impact on minorities.
  • SHPD is one of a limited number of police agencies in Ohio that invites residents to participate in the Civil Service testing and ranking phase of the hiring process. This test structure screens for emotional intelligence and maturity, judgement and critical thinking unlike a traditional written exam that only tests for cognitive ability.
  • Recruitment teams always include African American and female officers.
  • Structured interview panels are made up of residents and Shaker Heights Police Officers. The community is actively involved in the hiring process.
  • Panelists from the community are diverse in age, race and neighborhood.
  • Extensive efforts to attract underrepresented populations and women candidates are undertaken for each round of hiring.
  • Rigorous pre-hire testing includes polygraph, background check, psychological testing, physical and drug and nicotine testing.


As of 2022, SHPD has 63 sworn officers:

  • 47 White (including 3 females)
  • 14 African American (including 2 females)
  • 2 Asian

African Americans representation on police forces:

  • National Average: 11.4%
  • Shaker Heights: 20.2% (30.1% for all underrepresented populations)

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