Duty to Intervene Policy

Download a PDF of the Duty to Intervene order.

Effective Date of New Policy October 28, 2020

Reviewed: Annually  

Purpose: To set forth the affirmative duty of employees to intervene to prevent or stop misconduct that is being conducted by employees or members of other law enforcement agencies.

Policy: All employees shall intervene and notify appropriate supervisory authority if they witness another agency employee, or a member of another law enforcement agency, engage in any unreasonable use of force or if they become aware of any violation of departmental policy, state or federal law, or local ordinance. The spirit of this policy is to bring focus to the areas of misconduct mentioned below.


For the purpose of this General Order, the following definition applies: 

Intervene:   To come between, whether verbally or physically, so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.


  1. Intervention

 All employees are required to intervene to prevent or stop any member committing misconduct or unethical behavior by employees which would bring discredit upon the agency, including but not limited to:

  1. Unreasonable force, including actions that may lead to the use of unreasonable force.
    1. Constitutional rights violations.
    2. Violations of federal, state or local laws
    3. Sexual misconduct.
    4. Theft/Fraud 
  2. Officer(s) witnessing the use of unreasonable force or actions which may lead to the use of unreasonable force by law enforcement personnel shall intervene by taking all necessary actions, including, but not limited to:
    1. Using verbal persuasion and/or commands.
    2. Moving between and providing separation between the officer(s) and the subject.
    3. Physically restraining the officer(s).
  3. Non-sworn employees observing the use of unreasonable force by members may attempt to intervene verbally but should not attempt physical intervention.
  4. A Supervisor who observes misconduct shall issue a direct order to the member(s) involved to cease such actions immediately.
  5. Any required intervention or knowledge of misconduct shall be reported to a supervisor by the employee as soon as safely possible, but no later than the end of shift.
  6. Training will be provided on this policy annually.