City Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Below please find the City's updated vision, mission, values and goals, which were adopted in October 2021. Note that goals are updated every two years.


Shaker Heights is a forward thinking community defined by its open and welcoming spirit and enlivened by the diversity of its residents, employees and businesses. We are known for unparalleled natural and architectural beauty, superior services, and a dedicated workforce. Shaker Heights is a place of lifelong learning and opportunity for all where new ideas and perspectives keep our community thriving and vital, today and for generations to come.


To deliver superior services and amenities in an equitable, efficient and effective manner so that Shaker Heights remains a highly sought after community; to secure the future growth and success of Shaker Heights through innovative and sustainable strategies.


  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI): We are stronger and more effective because DEI is central to every aspect of operations, from service delivery to opportunities for involvement and decision-making. We believe Shaker Heights can and should be a leader in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We believe that in order to ensure the success of our City for future generations, we must evaluate decisions and initiatives through the lens of environmental impact and sustainability.
  • Fiscal Stewardship: We believe that managing public funds is among our most critical duties and take seriously the obligation to use tax payer funds and all other sources of revenue with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. We are dedicated to managing all of our financial resources with transparency and integrity.
  • Transparency and Communication: We are committed to openly sharing information and clearly communicating expectations and decisions with our employees and our residents in a timely and accessible manner.
  • Respect: We treat everyone with respect and value every individual’s role, perspective, and experience. We listen to and consider opinions and ideas that may differ from our own.
  • Customer Service: Serving the public is at the forefront of all that we do and we strive for excellence in our delivery of services while we use data to continuously improve the quality of services and hone our skills for professional growth.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, owning up to mistakes that might be made and viewing them as opportunities for reevaluation and improvement.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: We develop relationships, coordinate across silos and work together to accomplish mutually beneficial results. We value community engagement and partnerships. We seek and consider input from the public so that we may always act in the best interest of the community.


We are laser focused on achieving the following goals in the next two years. Our values guide how we carry out our work and define expectations of one another internally and externally.

  • Superior Response & Service Delivery: Deliver outstanding services including safety and public works, with targeted modernization of technology, facilities, and infrastructure as Shaker’s population, commercial development, and number of residential properties continue to grow.
  • Financial Health & Sustainability: Responsibly manage and deploy necessary resources to fund strategic priorities and capital budget needs. Increase the tax base by maintaining and increasing high quality housing and commercial development.
  • Greenspaces & Public Spaces: Maintain the quality of Shaker’s beautiful greenspaces and public spaces.
  • Recreation: Determine the level and type of recreation services and programming based on demand and available resources; deliver quality, accessible programming.
  • Human Capital & Talent: Attract and retain a diverse resident population and staff who contribute to and benefit from Shaker’s welcoming and inclusive culture.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Educate, advocate for, and support the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the community in partnership with our residents and businesses to meet the needs of our entire community without compromising the resources or well-being of future generations.
  • Quality Housing: Invest in both new and existing housing to ensure that a diversity of high-quality and well-maintained housing types are available to residents. Encourage both reinvestment in older housing and the growth of additional attractive housing types to meet the needs and desires of current and future residents across a wide spectrum.
  • Economic Development: Develop and maintain vibrant commercial districts through public/private partnerships and other innovative approaches.

Strategic Priorities

This document, last updated in March 2023, details City Council’s 2022-2023 Strategic Priorities linked to each of the eight Goals listed above. Progress on each priority is detailed in the KPI section.