Doan Brook Restoration at Horseshoe Lake

Thank You!

Thanks to the many residents who came out to help create the vision for the restoration of the Doan Brook near Horseshoe Lake at recent community engagement events. Visit to view a recording of the November 30 virtual public meeting and sign up to receive email updates about the project, including the next round of community engagement this spring.

Pre-Design UnderwayCoonamessett River Gateway Park

The first phase of restoring the Doan Brook at Horseshoe Lake is now underway with a dynamic, interdisciplinary team assembled by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) working on pre-design. The design team is led by Boston-based landscape architecture firm, STIMSON, which has completed numerous restoration projects, including at the Doan Brook restoration at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Coonamessett River Restoration Project in Cape Cod (see photo).

Over the next several years, this team will work to remove the dam at Horseshoe Lake and restore the two branches of the Doan Brook that flow through this site. When complete, the restoration of the Doan Brook will create a beautiful, new community greenspace that sustainably manages stormwater headed for the Lower Shaker Lake and ultimately Lake Erie.

This pre-design phase, initiated in early summer 2022, is expected to take about a year. It will lead to a detailed design phase starting roughly in the summer of 2023 and concluding in 2024.

Community Engagement

Spring 2023

The next round of engagement is anticipated to take place this spring. Visit to sign up for email notifications about these events from NEORSD.

November/December 2022

NEORSD held three events to provide an update on the pre-design phase and solicit community feedback on preliminary design concepts. These were a virtual public meeting (watch recording below) and two community workshops at Shaker Library.

August 2022

NEORSD held two events to kick off community engagement for the restoration of Doan Brook: a virtual public meeting (watch recording below) and a community open house at Horseshoe Lake Park.

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