How to Plant Trees

Planting a tree today will pay dividends for decades to come, and not just because you’ll have a beautiful tree in your garden. Trees on private property are an integral part of Northeast Ohio’s tree canopy, which has been dwindling over the past decade. In fact, Shaker Heights has lost about 11 percent of its canopy over that time. What’s more, like street trees, trees in your yard help cool your home, absorb stormwater, and provide many other benefits. 

1. Select the Right (Native) Tree for the Right Location

Pick a location for your new tree, ensuring it will have enough room to grow. Is the location shady? Or in direct sun? Is there room for a tall tree? Or is a smaller tree a better choice. These are questions you'll need to consider when selecting the type of tree to plant. 

 2. Plant and Care for Your New Tree

Selecting the right tree for the right spot is the first step. Next, you'll need to plant and care for your new tree to ensure it grows healthily.