Frequently Asked Questions

Review answers to  frequently asked questions about the NEORSD proposal for Horseshoe Lake, many submitted by residents during the City's review process.

  1. Will there be additional amenities for residents at Horseshoe Lake when the dam is removed and the Doan Brook is restored to its natural state?
  2. Will residents still be able to walk around the park on a walking path?
  3. How will this affect Horseshoe Lake Park itself?
  4. What is NEORSD committed to paying for?
  5. What will NEORSD’s recommended plan cost the City?
  6. What would it cost to rebuild Horseshoe Lake dam?
  7. What is the cost to construct a new dam at both lakes and manage sediment accumulation?
  8. Isn’t there just a $6 million funding gap between NEORSD’s recommendations for Horseshoe Lake and the cost of rebuilding the Horseshoe Lake dam?
  9. Why did the City drain Horseshoe Lake?
  10. What about sediment in Horseshoe Lake?
  11. What was NEORSD's involvement at Green Lake?
  12. How can I learn more?
  13. How can the residents of both communities be assured the land around the new stream will not be developed - commercially or residentially? Can restrictions be written into laws or ordinances? *
  14. Does Shaker Heights have the legal right to reject the NEORSD plan to remove the dam? *
  15. What is Shaker’s position on the plan? *
  16. Will Shaker pay for a dam? *
  17. Have you evaluated the impact on property values of removing one of the beloved Shaker Lakes? *
  18. What weight are you giving to citizens’ desire to retain the lake? *
  19. What value are you placing on aquatic and bird life? *
  20. Why is Horsehoe Lake less worthy of preservation than Green Lake? (I live on Green Lake, so am grateful for that decision, and want the same for Horseshoe Lake.) *
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