Electric Aggregation Program

The City is currently a member of the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) for its electric aggregation program. Learn more about this program.

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, the City is working to create its own 100 percent renewable electric aggregation program to be effective starting January 2023. The City held two public hearings for residents to learn more and ask questions. City Council approved the proposed City-operated Electric Aggregation Program Plan of Operation and Governance during its regular meeting on Monday, July 25.


  • In November 2000, City of Shaker Heights voters passed a ballot measure which authorized the City to form an opt-out Governmental Electric Aggregation program for the purchase of electricity on behalf of the residents of the City. 
  • From 2001 to December 31, 2022, the City was a member of NOPEC, which provided this opt-out electric aggregation program.
  • Starting in January 2023, the City will offers its own 100 percent renewably sourced electric aggregation program. On July 25, 2022, City Council adopted the Plan of Operation and Governance, pursuant to Section 4928.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, for the City to develop this program following the procedures set forth in Ohio Revised Code Section 4928.20. 

The Plan of Operation and Governance describes services provided, professional assistance used, determination of rates, opt-out procedures, customer billing procedures, credit procedures and customer account enrollment/termination procedures. 

All eligible customers who receive electric supply service from the Illuminating Company will be included in the City’s aggregation program. If the City receives an acceptable electric supply offer for this program, eligible customers will receive a mailing notifying them of the program rates, terms and conditions and their right to opt-out.

Please note that we will update this page with the specifics of the City's new 100 percent renewable electric aggregation program — including the selected supplier and rates —— when available.

Questions? Email the City's Law Department or call 216-491-1440.