Shaker Heights Nutrition

Exterior view of Shaker Heights Nutrition“Don’t quit. You can read any success book by Napoleon Hill or Andrew Carnegie and they’ll all say the same thing: if you’re going to own a business, you’re going to fail. Keep going, don’t quit,” advises Giles Foster, the new owner of Shaker Heights Nutrition located at 3433 Lee Road, in the Chagrin-Lee commercial district. He took his own advice when it came to owning a business, and it sure has worked for him.

Shaker Heights Nutrition serves healthy, full meal replacement shakes, energizing teas, fat-reducing products and immune system products. Shakes and teas are available as vegetarian, vegan, and soy-free. Additionally, Shaker Heights Nutrition offers assistance with weight loss, muscle gain, one-on-one coaching, and entrepreneurial assistance. Although this is Foster’s sole location, he has owned other nutrition businesses in the past.

Years ago, feelings of depression and being overweight began to have a negative impact on Giles. His wife, who at the time suffered from low energy, brought home a megatea, in hopes to revive her energy levels. She felt an immediate difference.  

Looking for a change, they both went to a nutrition club where these megateas were served. Eventually, after realizing that the tea offered by the club inspired him to lose weight, Giles decided to sell them in a commercial space for people who struggled with both weight gain and weight loss, thereby creating a side-income opportunity for the couple.

When asked what inspired him to take on the Shaker business, Giles smiled and said, “My kids went to Shaker; I’m a former resident of Shaker. I love this community and I really wanted this place when I saw the opportunity for it.”

His devotion to the community is evident – the space is filled with a contagious energy, paired with Giles’ positive attitude.

Beyond the vivacity of any business, certain challenges arise. Giles notes that educating customers on product pricing and what it takes to run a business from a financial standpoint are among the biggest challenges. He also notes that having an understanding of where to get educated on financial incentives for small businesses as well as marketing can be difficult, as can marketing.

Interior of Shaker Heights NutritionOn the other hand, the rewards of a small business make the challenges worth it. Giles states he’s mostly rewarded by the “time, freedom, and flexibility” of his small business. The work is important, and it’s being done for yourself as well as the community. “The relationships you develop through owning a small business and the great friends you meet through the business are some great rewards too.”

We’re ecstatic to welcome such a positive addition to our business community! Giles is keen on getting involved with the community and we love seeing our businesses and community collaborate. Stay tuned for community workouts, nutrition memberships, and more coming from Shaker Heights Nutrition.

For career opportunities, Shaker Heights Nutrition hires independent contractors through a multi-level marketing strategy. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. Visit their Instagram page and be sure to stop by!