How to Get a Professional Home Energy Assessment & Work with a Contractor

Clients accepted only between now and Feb. 27, 2024 with rebates and tax-credits worth up to $2,450 *

  1. Now that you understand what’s involved, sign up for a Dominion Energy Ohio professional "in-home energy assessment" for $25 at deo.clearesult.comWhen you’ve signed up, please briefly notify the Shaker Energy Subcommittee right away, so we can track the number of participants and learn from their experience. 
  2. When the assessment is completed, choose a recommended contractor from Dominion's certified list 
  3. Use the report to determine the highest priority work within your budget, including rebates and tax credits (To understand the requirements for tax credits, read the IRS sheet, “Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit.”) 
  4. The contractor will, for instance, seal leaks, provide up-to-date insulation (often lacking especially in attics of older Heights area homes) and address items affecting indoor air quality. 

After the work is done, you may notice greater comfort, a 5-30% drop in energy bills, and a lower size needed for your next HVAC. 

*After Feb. 28, 2024, check this page to learn what will replace Dominion’s home energy efficiency program and how otherwise to obtain a home energy assessment (still with the $1,200 federal tax credit) and follow-up work.