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Board of Zoning Appeals & City Planning Commission Agenda
 City Hall Council Chambers
 Tuesday, January 3, 2023 7:00PM

This meeting will be held in-person at City Hall, Council Chambers, with an option to attend virtually, pursuant to Chapters 113 and 115 of the Codified Ordinances (as amended in Ordinance 22-28), and Resolution 22-29, enacted on March 22, 2022. 

Join the Zoom meeting from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Join online to listen and watch at, Password: 33553400; or join by phone to listen at 833-548-0282 (toll free); Webinar ID: 996 5678 6876, Password: 33553400.

Public comment will be taken during the meeting and residents may submit comments/questions regarding items on the agenda at least 6 hours in advance of the meeting by emailing Daniel Feinstein at; or by calling (216) 491-1435. Any comments or questions received before the meeting will be read into the record at the meeting. The audio of the meeting will be available the following day on the City’s website.


Roll Call.


Approval of Minutes from the December 6, 2022 meeting.





Public Hearing on the request of Kevin Dreyfuss-Wells, RDL Architects, on behalf of Metropolitan Holdings LLC, 3393 Warrensville Center Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals and City Planning Commission for site plan review, variances, and a conditional use permit to construct a mixed-use building. The proposed 5-story building is located at the corner of Warrensville Center and Farnsleigh Roads with frontage on Helen Road. Site plan review is required for this mixed use building including 141 apartment residential units, first floor retail and second floor office space. A total of 221 parking spaces are proposed with 181 spaces in an interior parking garage. A variance is required to the parking space width to provide 8 foot 6 inch wide spaces when code requires a minimum 9 foot width. A conditional use permit is required for dwelling units on the first floor facing Farnsleigh and Helen Roads. A variance is required to the percentage of residential use as the building is 93% residential and code limits a mixed use building to 90% of one use. More than 50% of the first floor façades are residential. The Warrensville Center Road side is 45.6% retail and the Farnsleigh side is 22.5% retail. The first floor is 42% open windows facing Farnsleigh Road and 24% facing Helen Road, when code requires 60% open first floor windows facing the street. A variance is required to the required minimum size of a one-bedroom unit, which is 700 square feet, to allow 675 square foot units. Code permits a maximum 50 foot building height, and the height of the building facing Warrensville Center Road is 69 feet. Code requires a total lot area of 111,600 square feet for the 141 units, while the site is only 104,108 square feet in size. The front yard setback on Farnsleigh Road is proposed to be 2 feet 4 inches adjacent to the residential unit porches, where code requires a minimum 5 foot setback. The front yard setback on Helen Road is between 33 feet 9 inches and 72 feet 9 inches when a maximum 10 foot setback is allowed. Code requires two loading berths and one is provided. A traffic study has been submitted. A conditional use permit requires Council confirmation.





Public Hearing on the request of the City of Shaker Heights, representing Hellie Stovall, 3710 Hildana Road, to the City Planning Commission for subdivision of land in order to join a city-owned vacant lot with the property on which the Stovall home is located. The house parcel (735-20-036) is proposed to be combined with the vacant adjacent lot (735-20-035). Ms. Stovall proposes to integrate the vacant lot into her yard. This combined lot meets code requirements in the TF Two-Family Residential zoning district. Subdivision of land requires City Planning Commission approval.



Public Hearing on the request of the City of Shaker Heights, Tuttle Road, to the City Planning Commission for subdivision of land in order to dedicate right-of-way. The City proposes to subdivide city-owned property (PPN 736-10-012) by dedicating right-of-way on part of Tuttle Road. The City proposes to dedicate additional right-of-way on the northwest corner of Tuttle Road at Van Aken busway. The additional right-of-way includes part of the sidewalk, and the corner and will enable the completion of the public realm project. A subdivision of land requires City Planning Commission review. Council action is required to dedicate right-of-way.



Discussion of the proposed Gateway Project at John Carroll University – Corner of Fairmount Boulevard and John Carroll Boulevard.

To request an accommodation for a person with disability, call the City’s ADA 
 Coordinator at 216-491-1440, or Ohio Relay Service at 711 for TTY users.