Board of Zoning & City Planning Commission Agenda
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 7:00 PM


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes from the April 2, 2019 meeting




# 2016. Mendell Residence - 2676 Cranlyn Road:

Public Hearing on the request of Stuart Mendel, 2676 Cranlyn Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the fence location and height regulations on a corner lot. The applicant proposes to install a 4 foot tall black aluminum ornamental fence on this corner lot at Cranlyn and Calverton Roads. The fence is proposed to be located 36 feet off the Calverton Road sidewalk. Code requires that fences located in corner side yards not extend in front of the setback line of the principle building on the adjacent lot. The adjacent house on Calverton Road is set back 48 feet. Code allows a fence height of 3 feet tall on a corner side yard. The area around the fence is a mature garden planted with a variety of existing shrubs and trees, which will remain to screen the fence from street view. Additional evergreen bushes are proposed to further screen the fence and rear yard. The fence is proposed to contain dogs in the yard.
  1. 2676 Cranlyn.pdf

#2017. Choi Residence - 3554 Riedham Road:

Public Hearing on the request of Connie Choi, 3554 Riedham Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the location and setback requirements for air conditioning condenser units. The applicant proposes to locate two air conditioning condenser units in the side yard, located 2 feet from the side property line. The existing side yard is 5 feet wide. The code requires that air conditioning condenser units in the side yard be located in side yards measuring a minimum of 25 feet wide and be screened by a solid wood fence or evergreen vegetation. The applicant proposes to screen the units from the street with a solid wood gate and the back of the neighbor’s garage screens the area from the side.
  1. 3554 Riedham.pdf
#2018. Hathaway Brown School - 19600 North Park Boulevard:
Public Hearing on the request of Craig Cawrse, CT Consultants, representing Hathaway Brown School, 19600 North Park Boulevard, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for variances to the parking lot location, landscape setback, parking space width and the accessory structure location requirements. The applicant proposes to construct a new soccer field and parking lot along South Park Boulevard, additional parking in the Courtland parking lot and a new maintenance structure. In addition, 3 tennis courts will be relocated. The new South Park Boulevard parking lot will be located 5 feet 3 inches off the sidewalk. The Courtland Boulevard parking lot will be extended closer to the sidewalk to be set back 14 feet from the sidewalk.  Code requires a 25 foot landscape setback around an institutional property. It is proposed to screen the parking lots with evergreen shrubs, trees and mounding. The spaces in the new parking lots are proposed to be 8 feet 6 inches in width. The code requires a minimum 9 foot wide parking space.  A new maintenance structure is proposed adjacent to the dumpster loading area on the Courtland Boulevard side of the building. This structure is proposed in the front yard and is set back 40 feet from the property line. Code only allows an accessory structure in the rear yard.  Evergreen trees and shrubs are proposed to screen the structure from the street view.
  1. 19600 N Park.pdf

#1983. Shaker Heights Country Club-Parkland Drive:

Continuation of a Public Hearing on the request of Rob Myers, Myers homes, representing Shaker Heights Country Club, Parkland Drive, to the City Planning Commission for a subdivision of land and an amendment to the zoning map to create two single family lots. The case was continued at the July 11, 2018 meeting to review the impact of regulations regarding the Doan Brook watershed, including the location of the flood plain and other environmental conditions on the property. The Country Club proposes to create two single family parcels, both over one acre in size at the western end of their property on the north side of Parkland Drive, at the intersection with Attleboro Road. The two new parcels are proposed to be re-zoned from the PR Parks and Recreation zoning district to SF-1 Single Family Residential zoning district. The club intends to sell the two new lots for individual single family construction. This request requires Council action.
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