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Joint Facilities Task Force
Shaker Heights City Hall, Council Chambers
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 2:00 to 4:00 PM


Welcome and Introductions

  • New members

Public input highlights

  • Who we heard from
  • What is emerging, what resonates, what is important?

Group Discussion

Issues Critical for moving forward
  • What is the goal of the plan? What will we have at the end of this phase of the process?
  • Timing/schedules
  • Financing
  • Framing of school enrollment
  • Citizen Advisory Group - who and when
  • What should be shared publicly before June 12
Plan development discussion
  • Discuss vision, goals, and big idea list
  • Discuss appropriate level of detail for plan
  • Discuss timing of big ideas (short-term, long-term)

Prepare for June 12 Workshop

  • Discuss format for workshop
  • Test out all major components of the vision
  • Vision Statement and Goal Statements - rate and provide comments
  • Big Ideas - Where should we start? and general comments
  • Publicity

Next Steps

What happens after June 12


To request an accommodation for a person with a disability, call the City's ADA
Coordinator at 216-491-1440, or Ohio Relay Service at 711 for TTY users.