City Council Agenda
City Hall Council Chambers
Monday, June 24, 2019 at 7:00 pm


Country Club Rezoning Public Hearing


Approving the recommendation of the City Planning Commission to amend the Zoning Map and the rezoning of a portion of Permanent Parcel No. 733-26-001, with conditions. (CPC)

Ordinance No. 19-46
By: Rob Zimmerman
2nd Reading
  1. SHCC.pdf

Outdoor Refreshment Area Public Hearing


To approve the creation of an Outdoor Refreshment Area as permitted by Ohio law for the consumption of alcohol in specified public areas of the Van Aken District Development. (CPC)

Ordinance No. 19-47
By: Earl Williams
2nd Reading
  1. ORA.pdf

Approval of the minutes of the special meeting of May 13, 2019 and the regular meeting of May 28, 2019 (attached herewith).


Public Comment on Agenda Items


Amending Sections 1262.03 and 1263.09 of the Zoning Code of the Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances in order to improve the regulation of Type A and Type B child day care homes and to protect the public health, safety and welfare. (CPC)

Ordinance No. 19-36
By: Rob Zimmerman
3rd Reading
  1. Day Care.pdf

Administrative acceptance of the approval of the City Planning Commission and confirmation of the granting of a Conditional Use Permit for a B-1 rooftop bar as a use similar to a wine bar, located at 3386 Tuttle Road, pursuant to Section 1213.05 of the City’s Zoning Code. (CPC)

  1. Wine Bar.pdf

Enacting new Chapter 516, entitled "Discrimination Prohibitions in Employment and Public Accommodations” to the Business Regulation Code of the Codified Ordinances, in order to establish anti-discrimination ordinances, regulations, procedures, and standards, consistent with county anti-discrimination law in employment and public accommodations.

Ordinance No. 19-43
By: Nancy Moore
3rd Reading
  1. Chapter 516.pdf

Amending Sections 515.01 through 515.05 of Chapter 515, "Fair Housing,” in the Business Regulation Code of the Codified Ordinances, in order to update and make the Chapter consistent with the language and protections of new Chapter 516 entitled "Discrimination Prohibitions in Employment and Public Accommodations.”

Ordinance No. 19-49
By: Nancy Moore
2nd Reading
  1. Chapter 515.pdf

A resolution reaffirming and expanding the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Resolution No. 19-50
By: Earl Williams
2nd Reading
  1. EEOC.pdf

Granting a non-exclusive franchise agreement to MCI Metro Access Transmission Corp. dba Verizon Access Transmission (“Verizon”) for a period of fifteen (15) years to construct, use, operate, own, modify, manage and maintain a fiber-based data and telecommunications network in the public right-of-way of the City in order to serve business and government customers with the following services: competitive local exchange, voice and data communications, internet access, private line, cell site front-haul and back-haul capacity using fiber optic cable and leasing of conduit and dark fiber to third parties, through both above-ground and below ground facilities, and authorizing the Mayor to enter into a non exclusive franchise agreement, and declaring an emergency. (SPW)

  1. Verizon.pdf

Amending Ordinance No. 18-119 an ordinance appropriating funds from the General Capital Fund 0401 to provide for the purchase of equipment for use by the Police Department and appropriating funds from a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative grant by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency for improvements at the Warrensville-Shaker intersection, and declaring an emergency.

  1. TLCI.pdf

Enacting new Section 141.07 of the Administrative Code of the City’s Codified Ordinances to allow Police Officers to purchase retiring Police Dogs for $1.00, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN)

  1. K9.pdf

Amending Fiscal Policy Statements of the City relating to the Desired Level of Certain City Fund Balances. (FIN)

  1. Reserve.pdf

Public Comment on Other Items



CPC: City Planning Commission.
FIN: Finance and Administration Committee.
SPW: Safety and Public Works Committee.

To request an accommodation for a person with a disability, call the City's ADA
Coordinator at 216-491-1440, or Ohio Relay Service at 711 for TTY users.