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Board of Zoning Appeals & City Planning Commission Agenda
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, September 3, 2019,  7:00 PM


Roll Call.


Approval of Minutes from the August 7, 2019 meeting.





Public Hearing on the request of John Siegel, Siegel's Construction, representing Nicholas and Traci Barlage, 19700 Shelburne Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for variances to the garage regulations in order to construct a new detached 2 car garage facing the street, located in the rear yard. The applicant proposes an additional 2 car detached garage located behind the house. Code only allows garages to face the street where the majority of garage doors already face the street. Code requires an attached garage on a street block where the majority of garages are attached. All garages on this street block are attached and do not face the street. Code allows one garage structure on the property, located in the rear yard only. The existing 18.5 foot wide, 324 square foot, rear facing attached garage is proposed to remain, but only fits one vehicle. When added to the proposed 528 square foot 2 car garage, it creates a total of 3 garage spaces and 852 square feet of garage area. Code allows a maximum of 800 square feet of garage area.
  1. 19700 Shelburne.pdf


Public Hearing on the request of Kevin Berger, P.K. Wadsworth, representing Jim and Nancy Goldsmith, 2679 Belvoir Boulevard, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the location and setback requirements for an air conditioning condenser unit. The applicant proposes to replace an existing air conditioning condenser unit in the side yard with a new unit in the same location, 7 feet 8 inches from the side property line. The existing side yard is 12 feet wide. The code requires that air conditioning condenser units in the side yard be located in side yards measuring a minimum of 25 feet wide and be screened by a solid wood fence or evergreen vegetation. The applicant proposes to screen the unit from the street and the side neighbors with an existing solid wood fence.
  1. 2679 Belvoir.pdf


Public Hearing on the request of Jeffrey Blais, 18210 Fernway Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the fence location and height regulations on a corner lot. The applicant proposes to install a 4 foot tall open picket wood fence on this corner lot at Lansmere and Fernway Roads. The fence is proposed to be located 5 feet off the Lansmere Road sidewalk. Code requires that fences located in corner side yards not extend in front of the setback line of the principal building on the adjacent lot. The adjacent house is set back 50 feet from Lansmere Road. Code allows a fence height in a corner side yard of 3 feet tall. The open picket fence is proposed to enclose the Lansmere side yard and attach to the existing rear yard wood fence. The fence will be located behind new and maiden grass plantings
  1. 18210 Fernway.pdf

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