What is a criminal activity nuisance?

Violations of certain City laws (i.e., ordinances) at a residential property, or within 300 feet of the property, may be declared nuisances if they are engaged in by the owner, any occupant, or any guest of the owner or any occupant. If the police find that two or more violations occur within an 18-month period, the owner may be sent a notice declaring the property a “nuisance,” and then after a third violation, the police may send a notice and charge police response costs for the third and any subsequent violation within 18 months. (Chapter 109 of Codified Ordinances)

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1. What is a criminal activity nuisance?
2. What acts are considered violations under the criminal activity nuisance law?
3. May I appeal Criminal Activity Nuisance violations?
4. How are costs assessed and calculated?