Can the City use nonlethal methods to manage the deer population?

Reproductive agents for wildlife are not commercially available, are currently classified as experimental and are produced by research facilities. Also, the free-ranging nature of deer makes it difficult to deliver contraceptives to them. Relocation of deer is not allowed by ODNR. This technique requires the use of traps and/or remote chemical immobilization techniques and has been demonstrated to be impractical, stressful to the deer and may result in a high post-release mortality rate of up to 85%. These programs also require release sites that are capable of receiving deer.

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1. What is the City’s deer culling program?
2. Why is the City culling deer?
3. If the City has culled deer for a few years, why is there still a need to continue doing so?
4. Why can’t we just plant unpalatable landscape plantings or use repellents to deter the deer?
5. Can the City use nonlethal methods to manage the deer population?
6. Why is the City expanding its deer culling to include private property?
7. How will culling work on private property?
8. What are the protocols for culling on private property?
9. What if I object to my neighbor’s decision to cull on his/her private property?
10. How will the City ensure the safety of anyone in the area when deer culling occurs on private property?
11. What is done with the culled deer?
12. Shaker Heights isn’t the only City that has identified a deer management problem. Why isn’t Shaker working with our neighboring cities on a deer management program?
13. Does the City have a leash law?
14. How many dogs may I have?
15. Do I need a dog license?