How do we gain access to complaints, compliments and concerns about the SHPD?

As with the vast majority of records of the Shaker Heights Police Department, records that pertain to complaints, compliments, and concerns can be obtained through a public records request.

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1. It is encouraging to see the Department include a few select policies on the website. Does the City plan to make all of the Department's policies readily accessible online? [Continued]
2. Where can the collective bargaining contract be found? Will you please make it accessible to the public on the City website?
3. How do we gain access to complaints, compliments and concerns about the SHPD?
4. How are the two citizens on the Critical Incident Review Board chosen? Who are the other 3? Are their deliberations open to the public?
5. It was said two of the five members from the internal review are Shaker Heights residents. What is the affiliation of the other 3 members of this review board? Do they work for the police department?
6. Are the results of the deliberations open to the public? Are there statistics available about the choices the board has made?
7. Who is internal affairs?
8. How many officers of color have been hired in the last 18 months to 2 years and how many remain on the department?
9. Is there an ideal racial/diversity level that you use as a guide? If so how has it been determined? If not how do you determine what a successful diversity level is?
10. Have we considered requiring a percentage of our officers to live in the community?
11. What is the plan to restore confidence within the Shaker community during COVID? Is there an independent complaint department should a bystander want to report suspect police behavior?