Are our officers trained to shoot people when they run away?

The discharge of a service weapon is a use of deadly force and is subject to evaluation under the guidelines set forth in the Department’s current general order entitled Response To Threats, which is posted on the website. Any use of deadly force and its justification are legally required to be evaluated in the backdrop of that general order and on the total set of circumstances that resulted in its use. Officers receive extensive training in response to threats and the use of deadly force.

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1. Is the City and/or Police Department considering implementing Restorative Justice practices? Training for Council, officers etc. in unconscious bias, anti-racism?
2. Aside from Prosecutor Keller and bias free training, who develops the curriculum for each substantive training area that Shaker officers are required to attend? [Continued]
3. Are our officers trained to shoot people when they run away?
4. The Department’s website talks about bias-free training including classes, roll-call meetings and handouts. [Continued]
5. In many fields there is required continuing education. How is the Shaker Heights police department and administration continuing their education on racial and social disparities? [Continued]
6. Can you have a community council group to review training logs?
7. How, if at all, do you document those instances of re-instruction?