What would the proposed Nonviolent Community Administrators Team do?

The proposed Nonviolent Community Administrators Team (NCAT) would operate independently of the Police Department [Sec. II. L.], and consist of no fewer than 35 unarmed "licensed mental health clinicians, social workers, and medics,” [Sec. II.D.1. & 2.] who would "replace Police Officers” and assume the officer’s duties including: (a) making all traffic stops and issuing traffic tickets, (b) responding to all calls involving unarmed minors, no matter what the possible crime, (c) responding  to all assaults if the perpetrator is not armed, and (d) addressing all calls involving persons with mental health issues. [Sec. II.A.] 

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1. What is a Charter Amendment exactly?
2. What are the Charter Amendments being proposed for the November 2023 ballot?
3. What changes would these proposed Charter Amendments bring?
4. What would the proposed Nonviolent Community Administrators Team do?
5. The proposed Charter amendment calls for unarmed mental health workers and medics to take over traffic stops and other types of police calls. Is that safe?
6. Doesn’t the City’s new Mental Health Response Team handle mental health-related calls already?
7. What would the proposed Civilian Police Oversight Board do?
8. Doesn’t the City already have a Chief DEI Officer?
9. What would the proposed Digital Public Records Repository entail?
10. The organizers claim that violent crime is rising dramatically in Shaker Heights. Is this accurate?
11. The organizers claim the proposed Charter amendments do not dictate laying off police officers. Why does the City believe it would be required to lay off these officers?
12. What are the costs associated with implementing these proposed Charter amendments? How did the City develop these costs?
13. The Charter amendment proponents say costs for implementing the proposed Charter amendments could come from the City’s reserve. Are there reserve funds available for this?
14. How has the police budget changed in recent years? The organizers have claimed it’s increased by $6 million?
15. Would all of the Charter amendments proposed by this group need to be implemented exactly as written, or is there room for interpretation? [Continued]