How do I get my property released?

Call 216-491-1269 for the property custodian.

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1. How do I report suspicious activity?
2. How do I report a crime?
3. How do I report a public nuisance, like loud music, rowdy behavior, etc.?
4. How do I report a traffic incident?
5. How do I pay a parking/traffic ticket?
6. How do I report a problem with a streetlight, street sign or traffic signal?
7. How can I park on a residential street overnight?
8. How do I get a police report?
9. How do I get fingerprinted?
10. Does Shaker Heights require dogs to be on leashes?
11. How can I get a background check?
12. What is a criminal activity nuisance?
13. How can I find out if my car was towed?
14. How do I get my towed car released?
15. Where can I find contact information and hours for the Shaker Municipal Court?
16. How do I pay court fines?
17. How do I report an individual who might need help?
18. How do I get my property released?
19. How do I report an incident with a dog, including a dog attack, a dead dog or a missing dog?
20. Am I required to use a bike helmet in Shaker Heights?
21. What is a bike license and how can I get one?
22. How do I recover a stolen bicycle?
23. How do I safely dispose of prescription drugs?
24. I have a question about a warrant block?
25. How do I apply for or learn more about the Citizen Police Academy?
26. I have am a member of the press. Whom can I contact with my media inquiry?
27. How do I post a bond?
28. How do I find out if someone is in jail?
29. I want to hire an off duty police officer?
30. I want to request a police officer speak at my event?
31. Does Shaker Heights ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving?
32. I am going out of town? Can you check my residence?