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Realtor Survey`

  1. Below please share your feedback on the marketing materials — the Shaker is the Place Realtor Kit (shown right) — provided by the City of Shaker Heights to realtors in 2020.

    As a reminder, the Realtor Kit included:

    — A Video Card that played select videos from the City's Shaker365 campaign, including the Shaker is the Place brand video.

    — A "Swatchbook" four-color, multi-page booklet that highlighted reasons to move to Shaker Heights.

    — Postcards

    Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Photo showing three marketing pieces included in Realtor Kit

  3. Which of these marketing pieces created by the City of Shaker Heights did you receive?*

    Check all that apply.

  4. Please rank the usefulness of each piece

    Indicate which piece was most useful (#1) to least useful (#3).

  5. #1 — MOST USEFUL*


  7. #3 — LEAST USEFUL*

  8. If you received Video Cards, how did you use them?*

  9. Which pieces should we consider reprinting?*

    Check all that apply.

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