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Resident Deer Questionnaire 2019

  1. In 2016, the City of Shaker Heights began a deer reduction program conducted by Shaker Police Department-trained marksmen in response to safety, health, and economic concerns surrounding an overabundance of deer in Shaker. The input received via this questionnaire will help to determine the level of control needed to address the number of deer in our City, and their detrimental impacts to residents, native plants, wildlife, habitat quality and ecosystem processes.

    View FAQs about deer management in Shaker Heights.

  2. 1. How would you describe the deer population in the City of Shaker Heights?*

  3. 2. What neighborhood do you live in?*

  4. 3. How would you describe the deer population in your neighborhood?*

  5. 4. Have you noticed a change in the number of deer in your neighborhood compared to last year?*

  6. 4A. If yes, what kind of change?

  7. 5. Do you have concerns about deer in the City of Shaker Heights?*

  8. 5A. If you have concerns about deer in the City of Shaker Heights, please indicate those concerns (check all that apply):

  9. 6. In the future, what would you like to see happen with the number of deer in Shaker Heights?*

  10. 7. This past winter, the City conducted deer culling on city-owned properties only. Because of the abundance of deer on private property, the trained marksmen need to access the private property of willing residents to adequately manage the deer population. Do you support deer culling on private property?*

  11. 8. If the City culls deer on private property, would you want your property included?*

  12. 9. In what years have you taken this questionnaire (check all that apply)?*

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