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Public Records Request

  1. ATTENTION: Please DO NOT use this form for POLICE records requests. Use the POLICE RECORDS REQUEST FORM instead.
  2. In compliance with Ohio Revised Code § 149.43, the City of Shaker Heights allows for prompt inspection of its public records or provides copies of its public records within a reasonable period of time. See the City's complete Public Records Policy.

    Requests for public records are not required to be in writing. You may call, email, come in person, write a letter and send it through regular mail, or fill out this form. Please note: A written description of the specific record requested makes it easier to produce the correct record and ultimately saves time for the requester.

    Before making your request, please take a moment to review the Public Records Request page and also check if the records are already available on this website (use the search box in the upper right-hand corner).
  3. I Am Requesting:*
  4. Please do not use this form to request records from the Police Department, including police reports. Use the Police Records Request page to request records from the Shaker Heights Police Department.
  5. Please select a format.*
    Please note: Documents requiring special copying will cost more.
  6. How would you like to receive your documents?*
    — Some requests may be too large to fill by email.
    — For in-person pick up, please make arrangements with the Public Records Manager.
  7. Department (and Manager) Receiving Request*

    Please select the Public Records Manager for the City department that most likely retains your particular record. If you are unsure whom to initially contact, you may contact the City's Law Department or select Law (Alicia White) below.

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